Describe Anti-microbial Action of Acetic Acid for Preservation of Food

Anti-microbial action of acetic acid for preservation of food:

Since the acetic acid decrease the 13″ of aqueous environment of food, hence this environment are not helpful for growing & increasing microorganism In fact this prohibition is created by undecomposed acetic acid. When PH is decrease then the undecomposed acetic acid increased. When PH = 7.0 then the undecomposed acetic acid is 1% but when PH = 3 then its amount is 98% nearly. undecomposed acetic acid easily enter the cell through cell wall In the cytoplasm CH3COOH decomposed into H+ ion and CH3COO ion


In this process the concentration of H+ ion in cytoplasm increased and PH decreased that is why essential enzyme system arc hartne4 and the cell is souls to be died. Acetate ion express antimicrobial activity.

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