Describe Occurrence and Principles of Extraction of Silver

Silver Occurrence:

Silver occurs both in the native as well as in the combined state.

Ores mor Principles:

The important ores of silver are

i) Argentite or silverglance, Ag2S

ii) Horn silver or chlorargyrite, AgCl

iii) Pyrargyrite or Ruby silver, Ag2S . Sb2 S3

The chief ore of silver is Argentite. The silver content in these ores is very small (about 1%). Silver is obtained to a small extent from the gold ores in the kolar fields in Karnataka and in the Anantapur mines.

Atomic mass: 108;      Valency: 1

Atomic number: 47;    Symbol: Ag

Position in the periodic table: Period Number -5, Group Number -11.