Differences between Toad and Frog

Differences between Toad and Frog:


  1. They live in the corners of the houses, moist places, crevices of the trees and bushes, and dark places. During breeding season they live in water.
  2. The colour of the skin is grey.
  3. Integument is rough, warty, and dry but it remains moist due to the secretion of the integumentary lands.
  4. Behind the ear drum there are conspicuous parotid gands.
  5. Head is blunt and semicircle.
  6. Fingers of hind limb is partly webbed.
  7. Limbs are comparatively small. They can jump shorter distance.
  8. Toad is comparatively small in size.
  9. Toad has no teeth in jaws.
  10. Toad is a nocturnal animal.



  1. Frogs live in aquatic environments, In search of food they sometimes may come on land.
  2. The skin is smooth, with green and brown stripes.
  3. Integument, is moist and smooth. There is no wart gland in the integument.
  4. Frogs do not have any parotid gland.
  5. Head is pointed and triangular.
  6. Hind limb is fully webbed.
  7. Limbs are stronger and they can jump longer distance.
  8. Frog is comparatively large in size.
  9. Frog has teeth in jaws.
  10. Frog is active during day time.