Different Kinds of Flower According Organ

If we examine various flowers surrounding us it will be seen that all the flowers are not alike. Like colour and smell they have many variations in their structure too. A description about this is given below:

(A) According to completeness:

  1. Complete Flower: A flower that possesses all the five whorls is said to be a complete flower. Datura, China-rose etc. are complete flowers.
  2. Incomplete flowre : A flower is said to be an incomplete flower that does not have all the five whorls. Lau, Kumra, shasha, jhinga etc. are incomplete flowers. In these flowers either male or female whorl is absent.


(B) According to sex argan:

  1. Bisexual flower: Flowers, which bear both male and female whorl (Androecium and Gynoechun), are called Bisexual flowers. Datura China-rose, Brassica (Sharisha) etc. are bisexual flowers.
  2. Unisexual flower: Flowers, which have either male or female whorl, are called unisexual flowers. Flower that bear only female whorl is called female flower and flower that bears only male whorl is called male flower. In plants like lau (Bottle Gourd), Kumra (Gourd), Jhinga (Luffa) etc. male and female flowers are grown separately in the same plant.