Cortex Formation in Plants

Cortex Formation in Plants

Cortex: The plant cortex is the tissue located between the vascular bundles and epidermis. It includes the whole area from beneath the epiblema up to above pericycle. Cortical cells restrain stored carbohydrates such as resins, latex, essential oils, and tannins.

Cortex Tissues forms in three types:

  1. Parenchyma
  2. Collenchyma
  3. Sclerenchyma



  • In plants, the cortex is a relatively undifferentiated cell type and is part of what is called the ground tissue.
  • It is composed of a few layers parenchymatous cells.
  • Intercellular spices are present within the cells
  • The cortex is responsible for the storage of photosynthetic products and the uptake of water and minerals.
  • The cell walls of the endodermis possess a woody and corky band, called the casparian strip.


  • It stores food materials.
  • In plants, tissue of unspecialized cells lying between the epidermis and the vascular, or conducting, tissues of stems and roots.