Vascular Bundles

Vascular Bundles

Vascular bundles are the components of vascular tissue system in plants. They are also called as ‘fascicle’. They are the part of transport system in plants. It is one of the primary tissue systems in plants.

Vascular bundle consists of two main parts.

  • Xylem: the water conducting tissue
  • Phloem: the food conducting tissue

Vascular bundles are a collection of tube-like tissues that flow through plants, transporting critical substances to various parts of the plant. Xylem transports water and nutrients, phloem transports organic molecules, and cambium is involved in plant growth.

(i) Veins and their branches make the vascular bundles.

(ii) Vascular handles consist of xylem and phloem and they are conjoint, collateral and closed type.

(iii) Vascular bundles are surrounded by one layer of parenchymatous cells called bundle sheath.

Functions: To conduct water and prepared food materials.