Evolution of Business

Evolution of Business

Evolution of Business

Modern trade and business are originated from the civilization of various stages of human beings. The basic needs of human beings are foods, clothes, medical treatment, education etc. To fulfill these needs men were involved with business from the early stage of civilization of Human beings. The modern form of business comes from various stages of evolution. These stages are divided into following periods.

(A) Ancient age: The ancient age of business was started from the beginning of human civilization and running up to barter system. There is no correct information about the ancient stage of business. From the investigation and other information some characteristics of business of ancient age can be identified. These are:

  • In this stage human beings were depended on nature. Main occupations were collection of films from forest and fishing.
  • They fulfilled their demand living together and they were depended on the work of agriculture.
  • Thus, the part of production and excess of need were exchanged and it was the introduction of business.
  • From these points of view we can said this stage as hunting and household economy.

(B) Middle age: Middle age of business started from the barter system to industrial revolution. In the middle age the production and distribution systems were improved. The excess products were distributed to others. There were some improvements as follows:

  • People began to live together that was the vital part of the human civilization.
  • Barter systems became very popular and introducing locational production systems with establishment of organization.
  • People lived according to their region and the great change in introducing of currencies.
  • They were introduced to the new systems of production and distribution.
  • Sonic of farmers, fishermen and some people of other occupations proved their efficiency in their own fields.

(C) Modern age: Modern age of business had started from the industrial revolution and still continues at present. Most of the industrial tools, machines and systems introduced in this period of business. In modern age people felt that the barter system was not sufficient for them. So the modern systems of business were originated in the modem age:

  • In the modern age currency system was introduced. At first some stones were used as the medium of barter system.
  • Distribution of money, transfer of money etc were used to play a vital role to introduce banking system, financial institutions, and money markets.
  • Different forms of business are introduced in modern time like partnership business and company business and improved by association/federation systems.
  • In the sixteen century the cities and the towns became the centre of business. In this age the transportation system was improved for the improvement of business.

In the 19th century, the evolution of production of industry in Europe affects the business. The expansion of business was started from that time. For this reason many industrial machinery were invented and not only the transportation systems of place sere improved but also the marine and our transportation system were improved. Thus the demand of human beings made the business as international business. From the description it is said that the origin of business that means the modern business did not come overnight. It comes from the improvement of day to day changes of the society.