Importance of Respiration

Importance of Respiration

Importance of respiration:

The importance of respiration is unlimited in the life of any organism. Respiration occurs continuously in every living cells of plants and animals. The stop of respiration means the death of organisms. Respiration is important because it produces energy that is essential for the normal functioning of the body. Respiration provides cells with oxygen and expels toxic carbon dioxide.

The importance of respiration, in sort, is as follows:

  • For the maintenance of every bio-chemical process, an organism needs energy and this energy comes from respiration.
  • The carbon dioxide removed during respiration is used directly or indirectly in photosynthesis and carbohydrate is formed. This prepared food saves the lives of whole living world.
  • Respiration plays a significant role in the absorption of mineral salts. The decrease of the rate of respiration reduces the rate of absorption and growth and other bio-chemical process are also hampered.

The effect of respiration also influences the cell division. The required energy for the cell division is provided by respiration. It is one of the requirements for living things because it is the process where organisms exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Thus, the process also regulates the growth of the organisms.