Which Factors are Related to Air Pressure and Wind?

Which Factors are Related to Air Pressure and Wind?

Factors Related to Air Pressure and Wind

The climate of any particular place is influenced by a host of interacting factors. To understand the differences in local climates of India, we need to understand the mechanism of the following three factors:

(i) Distribution of air pressure and winds on the surface of the earth.

(ii) Upper air circulation caused by factors controlling the global weather and the inflow of different air masses and jet streams.

(iii) An inflow of western cyclones generally known as disturbances during the winter season and tropical depressions during the south-west monsoon period into India, creating weather conditions favorable to rainfall.

The mechanism of these three factors can be understood with reference to winter and summer seasons of the year separately.

A weight of air is known as air pressure. Air is a composition of various gases, therefore, it has particular weight. The weight of air on any unit of area on Earth is known as air pressure while it is represented in Millibar unit. Wind is the movement of air across the earth’s surface. The differences in air density cause wind, which results in horizontal differences in air pressure. These pressure systems are both the result and the cause of atmospheric circulation