Features of a Social Audit

Features of a Social Audit

Features of a Social Audit

A social audit is a systematic study and evaluation of an organization’s social performance, as distinguished from its economic performance. It is concerned with possible influences on social quality of life instead of the economic quality of life. The social audit leads to a social performance report or social report for management and perhaps outsider also.

There are some features of the social audit that are given below:

(a) A social audit is to determine to do of the organization in social areas.

(b) Social results are also difficult to audit because most events have occurred outside the organization.

(c) A social audit can be made by internal Specialists outside consultants or a combination both.

(d) The social audit is to be made public performance report.

(e) Social audit is that provides information for effective response to external claimants that make demands on the organization.

(f) Social is to provide better information to the manager. It helps to decision making.

(g) An occasional firm already has made extensive disclosures.