Features of Operational Control System

Features of Operational Control System

Features of Operational Control System

Operational control or task control is the process of assuring that specific tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently. The focus of operational control is on individual tasks or operations. For instance, it is concerned with scheduling and controlling individual jobs through a shop rather than with measuring the performance of the shop as a whole. It involves control over individual items for inventory rather than the management of the inventor as a whole.

Focus: The focus of operational control is limited to a single task or operation.

Nature: An operational control system is a rational system because the action to be taken is decided by a set of logical rules.

Time Horizon: The time horizon of operational control tends to be day-to-day.

Type of Data Used: Operational control dam is open non-monetary.

Analogies Techniques: In operational control systems, analogies within technical, electrical and hydraulic systems are reasonable and useful.

Techniques: Operations Research (OR) techniques are widely applied in operational control because the activities are programmable.

Role of System: In operational control, on the other hand, the system, itself is relatively more important because of the degree of involvement of the managers small.

No. of data sources: The typical operational Control problem uses data from very few sources.

Source of data: Operational control requires more data from internal sources.