Formalities at the time of Carrying on the Proceeding of the Meeting

Formalities at the time of Carrying on the Proceeding of the Meeting

Rules / formalities / steps at the time of carrying on the proceeding of the meeting:

The following formalities are performed in this stage:

Examining the entry pass of the members: In this stage the entry passes of the members are examined to prevent the illegal entrance of the ineligible persons.

Starting the meeting by an opening statement along with reading the notice and agenda of the meeting: The chairperson opens the meeting session by an opening address. In his opening address he mainly thanks the members for attending the meeting and reads out the notice and agenda.

Taking the signatures of the members attended in the meeting: In this stage, the signatures of the members attended in the meeting are taken. However, If quorum is not fulfilled the proceedings of the meeting cannot be started.

Calling the members to participate in the proceeding of the meeting as per the agenda: At the beginning of the session the chairperson requests the participants to take active part in the agenda wise discussion of the proceedings of the meeting.

Conducting the proceedings of the meeting neutrally: Every member should be given fair opportunity to participate in the arguable discussion of the meeting. Favoritism and partiality towards any party may demolish the utility of the meeting.

Taking notes on the motions raised and decisions taken: In the meeting various motions are raised and decisions arc tarn chairperson should keep necessary. It helps in drafting minutes after the notes on those motions and decisions meeting.

Closing the meeting in time: At the end of the agenda wise discussion if any ex-agenda urgent issue is raised in the meeting, then discussion on that issue is held provided it is permitted by the chairperson. After all these discussion the chairperson declares the closing of the session thanking all again for attending the meeting.