Computer Crime

Computer Crime

Computer crime: Criminal actions accomplished through the use of a computer system, especially with intent to defraud, destroy or make unauthorized use of computer system resources.

Computer or cybercrime may contain broader terms like hacking, copying of copyrighted substance, child grooming, stealing and mishandling of Confidential/private information of someone else, making a computer virus or a bug or a malware with a purpose to plot at someone’s computer or a network in order to gain a advantage or to take retribution or another cause which make you do such an act is a computer crime.

Computer Crime includes suggestions for increasing the security and reliability of personal computers, as well as links to websites on computer viruses, computer crime, and anti-virus and firewall software. Now a day’s computer crime includes work like stealing some one’s privacy, create a software or a tool to spoil someone else computer and put the virus or malware in order to harm him in any case, use someone else email account to do mails e.g. to a mail to blackmail someone etc.

Examples of computer crimes: Child pornography, Copyright violation, Cracking, Cyberterrorism, Cybersquatting, Creating Malware, Denial of Service attack, Espionage, Fraud, Harvesting, Human trafficking, Identity theft, Illegal sales, Intellectual property theft, Phishing, Scam, Unauthorized access, Slander etc.