Computer System

Computer System

A computer system is computer hardware as a system of input, processing. output, storage, and control Components. It is a basic, complete and functional computer, including all the hardware and software required to make it functional for a user. Thus a computer system consists of input and output devices, primary and secondary storage devices, central processing unit, the control unit within the CPU and other peripheral devices.

Categories of a computer system: It can be categories into the following four parts.

Mainframe computer system: Mainframe computer system is a large first and powerful computer system. This can process thousand of million instructions per second. This computer also has a large primary storage capacity.

Midrange computer system: Midrange computer system are primarily high-end network servers and other types of servers that can handle the large-scale processing of many businesses, application. They are less costly to buy, operate and maintain them mainframe system.

Microcomputer system: Microcomputer system is the most important category of a computer system for business people and consumers. They are usually a PC or personal computer. For example, PCs are available as handheld, notebook, laptop, portable, desktop, and flow standing model.

Supercomputer system: Supper computer system is a special category large computer system that is most powerful. They are designed to solve the massive computational problem.