How Proper Staffing make Benefits to the Organization?

How Proper Staffing make Benefits to the Organization?

Proper staffing ensures the following benefits to the organization:

Efficient staff can help to attain the number one position in the market and inefficient staff can bring you down in market. The performance of an organization depends upon the performance of its employees.

(i) helps in discovering and obtaining competent personnel for various jobs;

(ii) makes for higher performance, by putting right person on the right job;

(iii) ensures the continuous survival and growth of the enterprise through the succession planning for managers;

(iv) helps to ensure optimum utilization of human resources. By avoiding over manning, it prevents under-utilization of personnel and high labor costs. At the same time it avoids disruption of work by indicating in advance the shortages of personnel; and

(v) improves job satisfaction and morale of employees through objective assessment and fair rewarding of their contribution.

Staffing function must be performed efficiently by all organizations. If the right kind of employees is not available, it will lead to wastage of materials, time, effort and energy, resulting in lower productivity and poor quality of products. The enterprise will not be able to sell its products profitably. It is, therefore, essential that the right kind of people must be available in right number at the right time.

No other function of management can be carried out without efficient staffing function because all the functions are performed by human beings and human beings join the organisation by staffing function only.