Importance of Business Status Inquiry Letter

Importance of Business Status Inquiry Letter

Objectives or Importance of Business Status Inquiry Letter

Business status inquiry letter plays an important role in modern business. The key reason for writing a letter of inquiry is to ask or gather information about any kind of business-related matters. Inquiry letter being a representative to many types of other letters requires an impressive opening. It may not be the agenda of all inquiry letters but wherever it is applicable, you have to impress the reader. This type of letter plays an important role in modern business. You should remember a letter of inquiry must precede a formal grant proposal.

The following are the major objectives of writing this letter:

  • Probable quantity required and the time-frame for the supply of the product/service.
  • Obtaining information about the financial capability of prospective customers.
  • The seller’s terms on credit, discounts, transit, packaging, etc., should be enquired into.
  • Determining the risk of credit sales.
  • Deciding whether to enter into credit transactions.
  • Opening sentences to indicate the reasons for the inquiry.
  • Getting information about honesty, goodwill and business morality of the probable buyer.
  • Knowing about the relationship of the prospective bum with other business community and associations.
  • Enhancing sales with various parties by evaluating their financial and business viability.


Depending on the subject matter and the reason, writing an inquiry letter can be overall essential and important. This kind of letter gives sufficient information and at a similar time asks for more, making it a really magnificent prospect for anyone to attain helpful communication, particularly if the sender is looking for a job or to raise funds for a project. As the reason for a letter of inquiry is to essentially ask for more information and support, you will want to write a perfect one if you ultimately aspiration to attain an appropriate outcome.

It is written on different occasions for different reasons. An inquiry letter is written in order to carry out one of the following objectives bellows –

  • To ask for a catalog,
  • To know payment terms,
  • To know the past records of a job applicant,
  • To know the creditworthiness of a firm or a person,
  • To know the financial strength of a firm or a person,
  • To know the business reputation of a firm,
  • To obtain information about the social status of a person or a firm,
  • To evaluate the performance of a person or a firm
  • To learn about the quality of a product, etc.