Describe Types of Nuclear Reaction

There are two types of Nuclear Reaction

Spallation reaction

These are the reactions in which high speed projectiles may chip a heavy nucleus into several fragments.

29Cu63 + 2He4 + 400 MeV → 17Cl37 + 14 1H1 + 16 0n1

Nuclear fission reaction

Nuclear fission is the process in which a heavy nucleus breaks up into two lighter nuclei of almost equal size with the release of an enormous amount of energy. This type of nuclear fission reaction was first observed by German Chemists Otto Hahn, F.Strassman and Meitner by bombarding 92U235 with slow moving neutrons. The process is usually accompanied by emission of neutrons.

The nuclear fission has been produced in heavy nuclei such as 235U, 238U, 232Th by neutrons, protons, deuterons.