Get 19 Hours of CompTIA Network+ Training For $20?

Get 19 Hours of CompTIA Network+ Training For $20?

The job market has changed dramatically in the last year, particularly in terms of which jobs offer the most opportunities for advancement even when the global economy appears to be shaky. Tech was the industry that not only got back on its feet but also grew at a rapid pace. Sure, it is not surprising, given that technology is expected to expand and continue to grow for numerous years to come, whether or not there is a global pandemic. So, if you are looking for a job that will provide you with professional advancement, good salary, and stability, go no further than IT.

If you ask any IT professional how they got started in the field, they will tell you that they received a CompTIA certification. With CompTIA, you can start working toward a career with a greater salary and benefits. Essentially, it is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the IT field, and we know how to get started. GrayCampus’ CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Course has 19 hours of information covering networking fundamentals, infrastructure, security, and more.

In this bundle, you discover the principles of CompTIA Network+, how to apply them to a variety of IT products and solutions. You will learn about designing and protecting a network, connecting devices to it, troubleshooting techniques, and more. You will be able to configure and administer devices like switches and routers, as well as assist the formation of virtual networks, by the end of the course. Yes, this package prepares you for the entire certification procedure so you may confidently pass the N10-007 exam.

With GreyCampus’ CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Course, taught by leading cybersecurity professionals, you can start a career in network administration and strengthen your core skills. Because Network+ is vendor-neutral, the basics gained in this course can be applied to a wide range of IT products and solutions. Network+ certification test goals include networking principles, infrastructure, network operations, network security, networking troubleshooting, and tools. Develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter and reinforce the practical components of the exam objectives. The CompTIA Network+ certification validates your ability to install, administer, and troubleshoot networks across a variety of platforms.

Do you still need persuasion? Students gave the course a perfect 4.5 out of 5-star rating, and one satisfied student said, “It comes with everything you need to master key concepts linked to computer networks.” Plus, this course has it all, from downloadable study notes to practice tests to video lectures to doubt solving.” The CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Course is just $19.99, a savings of $80.