Gillmor Gang: Time Delay

Gillmor Gang: Time Delay

The way out of where we are is clever. The words come easily enough, each measured for the mental problems we have faced. It is possible that this paragraph will disappear when I find my ground. Mandate, Cuomo, Olympic mental gymnastics, where we were two weeks ago and how it relates now. Let’s triangle: Forget Trump.

Forget the Republicans and the Progressive Democrats who together slowed down the passage of the bilateral infrastructure bill. Avoid talking points and forget half the truth to meet airtime until you finds the true rubber road. Don’t forget the brave athletes who dare to fail for the greater safety of their teammates. Celebrate government employees and tough personal choices that lead us to honesty, empathy, firm decisions that will make the difference between deadly fraud and actual results at the ballot box.

If politicians refuse to answer questions, remove the draft law from their process. Hold the media on fire as they pretend to test their coverage, controversy, and trade breaks. There was a debate between us about the time delay between recording a show and adding music in post-produced fashion here at TechCrunch, snack Peeks made to promote the show, and a post related to the context of the show. 

In creating the text, I noticed that the time delay serves a useful purpose in reducing the real-time significance of the conversation that ends up being a healthy dose extending from what actually happened. The news is always presented as the first draft in history, but the constant need for ratings creates this underlying pressure to transform stories from insights into controversial clickbait. Marshall, through this take-the-foot-of-the-gas filter, turns black and white gray, less subjective to the attitudes of individual gang members and more attentive to the feelings of the group as a whole. Take the perennial struggle between social media giants and the pressure of disbelief to control the worst aspects of the social storm.

A team trying to rein in the success of this company to create an audience and unparalleled power in the market – a version of “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken”. The other side says it’s really broken, and this new exclusive commentary, sarcasm, and family news stream born out of user satisfaction needs to be fixed.