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If Everyone On Earth Sat In The Ocean At Once, How Much Would Sea Level Rise?

If Everyone On Earth Sat In The Ocean At Once, How Much Would Sea Level Rise?

Hypothetical questions, everyone in the world has fun wondering what would happen if they went swimming at sea at once. In addition, using math, you can get closer to a real answer. Let us start by considering a smaller version of the same question. If you fill a bathtub all over the place and are happy, you know you have come for a very bad cleanup. The water overflows because your body pushes it out – something called displacement. Since the tub has a hard bottom and sides, the only way the water can go is in and out.

In this case, the amount of space that an object takes up called volume. The amount of water overflowing in the tub is equal to the volume of your body. Now think of a situation where the bathtub is only half-full. As you might expect, your body volume still pushes the water. You can calculate how much the water level in the tub will rise with the help of some simple math equations. Suppose the bathtub is a rectangular box.

Considering how much volume you are adding to the tub and what size area you are spreading this amount, you can estimate how much the water level will rise when you sit in the tub. As the water level rises, it is equal to the added volume divided by the region. The area for a bathtub 5 feet long and 2 feet wide is 10 square feet. Now, let us find out your volume. To make the math easier, let us say you have a rectangular box like a bathtub.

Suppose you are about 4 feet long and 2 feet, wide (left to right) and 1 foot deep (front to back). Your body size will be 4 feet x 2 feet x one foot or 8 cubic feet. When you sit down you are adding about half the body volume to the tub. This means that the height of the water level rise is equal to half the amount of your body, divided by the area of ​​the tub. Using the estimates above, it increases the water level by 4 cubic feet divided by 10 square feet, which is about 5 inches. You will definitely notice!