In Order to Find You the Ideal Domain Name, Smartynames Employs AI

In Order to Find You the Ideal Domain Name, Smartynames Employs AI

There are many strange and amazing uses for AI applications. Over the past several weeks, AI has improved marketing emails, intelligently understood the context of video content, and maximized customer feedback. There are no signs of a slowdown: OpenAI declared that it will invest $10 million in the ecosystem to speed up progress. With his service, Kirill Zubovsky is now tackling the difficulty of choosing the ideal domain name.

You just enter in a prompt—for example, “My company will be a news site that covers all things startups and technology”—and the AI processes it, coming up with a ton of potential domain names before checking to see if they are available. It’s free and really simple to use. The availability checker isn’t fully accurate; it displays names that are “for sale” as “available”—technically, it does mean they are available, but it will be up to the reader to determine whether a domain that costs $10,000 is available or not.

The backend of the service is driven by OpenAI, more specifically by its GPT-3, which just released version 3.5.

“You simply tell it what your company does, and presto, domain names appear. “What a terrific approach to employ robots for something good,” Zubovsky told TechCrunch. “It’s not rocket science. “That would have required hours of thinking and brainstorming by people.”

In contrast to most other domain name searches, Smarty accepts input in the form of a company description and then utilizes AI techniques to expand into key concepts and phrases that can become good domain names before performing a search to determine whether those domains are actually accessible.

You don’t need to come up with the words for your company; Smarty will do it for you, writes Zubovsky.

He said that on the first day of the introduction, more than 120,000 domain dolls were exhibited to test-drive consumers.

Even his revolutionary method for discovering the ideal domain name has a straightforward economic model, according to Zubovsky: He receives an affiliate finder’s fee if you register one of the names through the registrars he recommends. The cost of maintaining the service is little; he estimates that for about 40,000 requests, it cost him $10 in OpenAI fees and about $100 for the domain availability checking service he employs.