Methods of Written Communication for Management

Methods of Written Communication for Management

Methods of Written Communication for Management:

The methods of written communication that are generally confined within the management include the following:

Statement of policies and procedures: Statement of organizational policies and procedures is a commonly used medium of written communication for management. Top-level management prepares policies and procedures in written form so that all the members of the organization can read it and act accordingly.

Special management bulletin: Through special management bulletin, managers supply important and emergency information to the lower-levels. As the management bulletins are written form, they transmit messages without any distortion.

Management newsletter: Generally, less important messages are communicated to the people at management level through management newsletter. These letters may be published weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Formal management report: Managers of various departments and divisions prepare reports to communicate their performance to the superiors. For example, the area sales managers of a company submit monthly sales report to their respective regional sales manager; the regional sales managers submit their reports to the corporate sales manager. In this way, the whole selling activities will come to an integrated process.

Supervisor’s handbook: In many cases, supervisors are supplied with handbook. The handbook contains company polices, work procedures, grievance handling procedures, dispute settlement procedures, complaint systems, performance measurement systems etc.