It is a Very Clever Hoax or this is the craziest scientific paper of all time

It is a Very Clever Hoax or this is the craziest scientific paper of all time

This is either a brilliant satire on conspiracy theories or perhaps the worst thing to be published in physics, genetics and chemistry for a long time. Either way, we want to know how it got a contemporary review of the past. Scientists in many fields are rubbing their heads on a piece of paper claiming that there is a black hole in the center of the earth that is forming our DNA.

Last year, the Macedonian Journal of Medical Science published a research paper entitled “The Largest System of Telecommunications for the Connection of DNA, DNA and Water Molecules Connected to a Black Hole 4 DNA-Dimensional Manifold in the Center of the Earth.”  If you think the title is out, look at the pictures. No one seems to have noticed it for almost a year, but it is now shutting down on Science Twitter and the responses are priceless.

The claim is “this structure is the main reason for the rise of the core temperature, the magnetic field around the earth and the gravitational field revolving around the sun,” The paper opposes many long-established scientific decisions.  Who needs radioactive decay, the presence of molten iron and the general operation of gravity?

But wait, the writers are just getting warm. They go on to claim that “each DNA has two parts, one of which is seen in the quadruple universe and the other is present in an additional dimension, and only this is observed in e-rays.”

Eventually, the language reached its own kind of loneliness. “This dark part of DNA is called an extra layer of dark DNA.” Then we got the part about how dark DNA helps “water molecules store information and keep memory” and we’re still not out of abstraction.

The first author claims to be a nuclear physicist, the second works in a clinic for psychiatric disorders, and the rest are mostly dermatologists. Collaboration in fields is the key to most of modern science, but the list of authors-related organizations is also raising eyebrows.

The authors even have a follow-up paper in the same journal: “Neural Circuit Structure in a Broader Version of Darwin’s Theory: Additional Dimensions and Effects of DNA on the Earth’s Core on Neural Networks”. It refers to” Stringy Black Anti-DNA” and “Radiation Signals of Neural Circuits in a Dog Fetus” and indeed we are lost like you.

The Macedonian Journal of Medical Science is not particularly well-known to astonished physicists, so some people wondered if it was a “predatory journal” but a publication that pretended to be peer-reviewed but could actually run for some money.

Although its impact factor is low, it is a real journal, publishing seemingly appropriate documents, and is archived by the U.S. National Library. Surprisingly, there are no writers in Macedonia.

Evidence for this can be found in the fact that the last author, Torello Lotti, had previously published about the problem of the hunting journal.  One theory is that this “paper” is actually a combination of random phrases in an attempt to test the journal’s peer-review standards that scientists are doing now and then.