What do you mean by Plant Conservation? Discuss its Importance.

What do you mean by Plant Conservation? Discuss its Importance.

Plant conservation: For plant conservation we mean the scientific and perfect use of plant resources so that, we can meet up the present demand of plants and also assure the future demand.

The importance and necessities of plant conservation know no bound:

  1. Only plants provide food and medicine to all living organisms.
  2. Only plants prevent soil erosion, regulate the climate condition, give us shelter, control water cycle and hinder our habitats to be deserts.
  3. So, the whole mankind completely depends on plants. Thus we must conserve the plant resources in order to save the increasing pollution.
  1. But it is a matter of sad that upto now, we have destroyed about 40% tropical forest and about 50% of forest areas has been destroying. Therefore we will have to take all out efforts to protect the plant resources.

Hopefully in 1948 France and UNESCO jointly established an international association called IUCN in a view to give the living world a good habitat.  The full meaning of the abbreviation of IUCN is: International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resources. At present all countries of the world are the members of this association.