Meaning of Job Application or Employment Application

Meaning of Job Application or Employment Application

Meaning of Job Application / Employment Application

Employment application means the letter written for getting a job. The job or employment application is the official form that employers ask all applicants for a position to fill out. It is the primary means of introducing the job seeker with the employer. Getting a job is a long way process. This process starts with writing job application by the job seekers and ends with final selection of the candidate by the employer.

Through the job application, job seeker offers to sell his or her labour and service for a return. Therefore, the application for employment acts as personal advertisement. Job application contains job seeker’s personal data like name, address, qualification, and experience along with his / her appeal for job.

Quible, Johnson and Mott defined, “A letter of application is a message designed to inform the reader of your desire for a position in his or her organization and to request an interview for that position.”

At last, we can say that the letters that is written describing the personal data, qualifications, skills and experience of a job seeker along with appeal for job is known as job application. This better is generally written in response to the job advertisement of the employer. Job seeker can get the news of vacancies from newspapers, internet or from any other informal source.