Media of Visual Communication

Media of Visual Communication

Media of Visual Communication

Visual communication is an effective medium of non-verbal communication. When communication occurs through visual aids, it is known as visual communication. In this communication facial expression, personal appearance, gesture, posture, printed picture, sign, signal, symbol, map, poster, slide, chart, diagram, graph etc. are used as the means of communication. The main media of visual communication are as follows:

Body language: Various types of body languages are used in visual communication. Conscious and unconscious movements of various parts of the body convey information as like as verbal communication. The followings are the kinds of body language:

  • Facial expression: Human face is an important medium of communication. There is a proverb that “Face is the index of human mind.” Face reflects emotion, feeling, attitude, love, eagerness, happiness, sadness etc. of human mind.
  • Gesture: Gestures are movements of the arms, legs, hand, and heads. It expresses many cherished wishes of human mind. For example, a wave of the hand has a specific meaning of -hello” or good-bye.”
  • Personal appearance: Clothing, hairstyle, neatness, jewelry, cosmetics, posture, stature etc. are part of people’s personal appearance. They also convey impressions regarding their occupation, age, nationality, social or economic level, job status etc. For example, students, policemen, nurses etc. can easily be identified through their dresses.

Space: Space and distance are significant visual tools in case of organizational communication. A spacious and well-decorated room indicates a person’s position in the organization hierarchy and external people gets a message about his importance and authority only by visiting his room.

Distance: Distance is another visual communication tool. It expresses degree of intimacy and individual acceptance.

Visual symbol: Hose long ago people exchange information by using various visual symbols. For example: pigeon, tiger and white flag are used as the symbols of peace, brave and alliance respectively.

Signal: Signal is another traditional tool of visual communication. Still it is used in various situations as the tool of visual communication. For example, showing indication to the ships in the deep sea through light houses; using red, yellow and a green light is controlling traffic in the rood etc.

Table, chart, graph, diagram etc: Table, chart, graph, diagram etc. are used as visual aids in data presentation.Presenting data through these aids can attract readers’ attention easily.