Meristamatic Tissue

Meristamatic Tissue

Meristamatic tissue:

Meristamatic cells create the Meristamatic tissue. The cells of this tissue separate continually. These tissues are found in the trees. Due to their existence plants enhance in size very quickly. Other stable tissues are originated from Meristamatic tissue. These cells are usually little and cuboidal with huge nuclei, little vacuoles, and thin walls.

Characteristics of Meristamatic tissues:

Characteristics of Meristamatic tissues are as follows:

  • Cells possess the power of cell division.
  • Usually the cells are rectangular of oval.
  • Cell wall is made of cellulose and is thin.
  • Nucleus is big and the cytoplasm is denser.
  • Generally no vacuole is seen in the cell.
  • Typically there is no intercellular space in Meristamatic tissue, so the cells are arranged efficiently.

Meristamatic tissues are present at the top of roots and stems. According to their place they are Apical meristems and according to their source they are Primary meristems, because they are originated from the embryonic stage. Stem and root increase in length by the division of cells of these tissues.