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Natural Calamity of Bangladesh

Natural Calamity of Bangladesh

Bangladesh lies in the tropical region. Its land is low. Cyclone and tidal bore are common in our country. Almost every year our country faces this calamity. Cyclone or storm hits our country in summer or in the late autumn. Extreme heat causes depression in the Bay of Bengal which creates a severe cyclonic storm. It advances rapidly and hits the onshore islands and the main land of Bangladesh. The havoc caused by the cyclone is immense. It destroys houses. properties. crops and trees. Almost everything that comes within its sweep is destroyed or washed away. Many people die or are washed away to the Bay of Bengal.

Hundreds of people meet the watery graves. On many occasions the cyclone is attended with tidal bore. Thousands of people are swept away by the strong current of water of the tidal bore and countless heads of cattle are killed. People who are alive during this severe calamity lose all their wealth and belongings and live a very miserable life.

Next to cyclone, flood is a serious natural calamity in our country. Heavy rains and rush of water from the upper north bring about floods almost every year.The rivers overflow their banks. Fields of crops go under water. The floods of resents years caused a huge loss of life and property. On all occasions flood water reached top of the houses. People took shelter on tree tops, railway lines and embankments. Hundreds of people turned homeless and shelter less and be the dwellers under the open sky. During the flood, the government, the NGO the voluntary organizations come forward to help the affected people.

Drought in the summer season causes damage of crops almost every year. The system of irrigation is not adequately developed in our county. Indiscriminate chopping of trees for fuel has turned a part of the country into rain less desert land. Over and above, the construction of the Farakka Barrage across the Ganges an West Bengal by India has dealt a heavy blow to our economy and upset the ecological balance of a large region.

The most dangerous natural calamities are cyclones and floods. Our people live fighting against all kinds of natural disaster and  calamity. But the people have nothing to do against these natural calamities nay can only make up the loos when the intensity of the disaster is over. This is the hard lot of nut people hut our people are so brave that they are facing the nature created trouble boldly and unitedly.