Objectives of Cooperative Society

Objectives of Cooperative Society

Objectives of Cooperative Society

Cooperative society was originated from the word of co-operating which indicates assistance. Society means association or collection of a group of people. Earning profit is not the main goal of cooperative society, rather prosperity of the members, ensuring the rights and dignity, develop, the worse situation, change the fate, believes, honesty, economic as well as increase the aides are the main goals of this society.

As an important organization of the country, it has various kinds of crucial objectives which give it extra demand. These are as follows:

To bring economic welfare: The main objective of this society is to achieve social and financial welfare of the members. A cooperative society is formed not only to earn profit but also to ascertain the financial welfare of the members. That’s why it creates producers ‘cooperative society as well as purchased, selling, giving loan etc. items are maintained to get multipurpose opportunities.

To create self-dependency: It builds it members self-dependent by appointing them to the various division of the business. The members can be trained up on different activities of the business. By this way, they become self-dependent in each sector of the business.

To be organized: Cooperative society organizes the people to help each other. The main slogan of the cooperative society is unity is power. That’s why this society collects, organize and utilize them properly for the betterment of the members and society.

To create saving mentality: It creates the eagerness to save money which is used as capital in the cooperative society. Sometimes these tiny savings as well as savings mentality help to the development of the members and society and help to build a peaceful wealthy nation.

To provide better service: The vital objective of the cooperative society is to provide necessary expected service very smoothly. Cooperative society Sticks to render service to the members and the low-level people of the country.

To create employment: Another important objective of the cooperative society is to create employment opportunity for the members and in the society. To remove unemployment problem and creating huge scope to employ is a vital objective of the cooperative society.

To face a social problem: It is another objective of cooperative society that faces various kinds of social problems. As they believe unity can do anything for the development of members and the nation.

To coordinate the ability of members: It is the objective to coordinate all kinds of limited ability with a view to building a large business by which each member gets an opportunity and raises his income level.

To develop bans resource: Development of education, health, and acquiring knowledge is also objective of cooperative society. To develop a standard of living the members give special training consequently, they contribute to developing the country.

To develop efficiency: Creating efficient manpower under strong training is the objective of the Cooperative society. In the perspective of a country, efficient persons are very required.

From the above discussion, we can say that these are various kinds of objectives behind building-up the cooperative society. To attain their activities each member of the organization manipulates their activities relentlessly.