Importance of Personal Selling to Customers

Importance of Personal Selling to Customers

Personal selling plays a very important role in the marketing of goods and services. The importance of personal selling to businessmen, customers and society.

Importance to Customers

This role of personal selling becomes more important for the illiterate and rural customers, who do not have many other means of getting product information.

The customers are benefited by personal selling in the following ways:

(i) Help in Identifying Needs: Personal selling helps the consumers in identifying their desires and requirements and in knowing how these can best be satisfied.

(ii) Latest Market Information: Consumers get latest market information regarding price changes, product accessibility and shortages and new product introduction, which help them in taking the buy decisions in a enhanced way.

(iii) Expert Advice: Consumers get expert advice and guidance in purchasing various goods and services, which help them in making better purchase.

(iv) Induces Customers: Personal selling induces customers to purchase new products that satisfy their needs in a better way and thereby helps in improving their standards of living.