Oil and Fat: Comparison

Oil and Fat: Comparison

Oil and fat together are called lipid. Oil and fat are the mixture of the esters of higher fatty acids and glycerol (chemically they are also known as Glycerol tri-ester or glyceride of higher fatty acids). The difference between fat and oil are given below:

  1. The esters of saturated acids [Palmitic acid (C15H31CO2H) & Stearic acid (C17H35CO2H)] is solid fat and the ester of unsaturated acids (Oleic acid (C17H33CO2H) & Linoleic acid (C17H31CO2H)] is oil.
  2. Fat is produced in animals whereas oil is produced in plants.
  3. At room temperature (20°C) fat is solid but oil is liquid.
  4. Fat contains more cholesterol and so it is not easily digestible, while oil contains less cholesterol and therefore is easier to digest.

Importance of Oils & Fats:

  • They act as a source of high energy (1 gm oil/fat = 9 cal energy)
  • By reaction with alkali, oil & fat produce soap & glycerin.
  • Oils & fats are used in paints, varnish & cosmetics.
  • Oil is easily digestible than fat & oil contains low cholesterol.