People have seriously patented some weird ideas for cars

People have seriously patented some weird ideas for cars
Electric cars are shaking up the motor industry in a way that has never been seen before in a century. Some people have a much bigger dream than just replacing an internal combustion engine with a battery-powered motor and not driving too much on little things like practicality.

Vehicle leasing company Vanarama has decided to troll through a patent that never came into production and probably never will. Many of these are the kind of things you would expect to see with someone later in the evening with a newly legal substance. They certainly found some Dodge and even put two to three patents from different sources on the same fictional car depicting it. What’s amazing is that anyone can spend time and enough to submit a patent on them. More surprisingly, these are not all products of an insignificant person – most of them are owned by big manufacturers. Toyota and Ford, two car companies with a maximum 2018-2019 U.S. patent, have released more limited patents, but we’re not sure if anyone with a patent will rush to create a retractable telescopic tailor mobile meeting room, respectively.

Tesla gained much more love from the community when it opened a patent for electronic vehicles in an attempt to expand the overall market at the risk of their leadership. Most of the attention was focused on things like superchargers but you probably haven’t heard of lasers that can clean your windscreen. It’s not just specialized car companies. Google has patented a sticky car bonnet so that in a collision pedestrians stay on top of the car instead of throwing it under the car or in the air. If people stop worrying about their driverless vehicles, we don’t think it will work if they count it.

A few examples actually seem to be quite effective as the front light of autonomous vehicle signals to pedestrians when it is safe. Many parents wanted to split backsets to keep warlike children safe from each other and some have probably made their own, so there is probably a market for it that is easy to install and remove.

 Fewer people might be keen to carry it but we patented a machine that you don’t drink coffee while driving; despite patenting it almost 30 years ago, a coffee toilet that can save your urine when you can’t pull it can be equally effective. Our favorite, however, is the person who, we guess, looked at a plan to build a solar-powered car – now close to success – and wondered, “What’s up with the wind?” Somehow we suspect Peter Ripley that the “rooftop turbine system for electric vehicles” is the power system that the earth needs, but hey, it never worked before wind transport.