Pilot Shows Off Entire Server Room that Exists in Passenger Aircraft Right below Our Feet

Pilot Shows Off Entire Server Room that Exists in Passenger Aircraft Right below Our Feet

Modern passenger jets are highly computerized, constantly improving safety and efficiency with the advancement of technology. With the proliferation of measurement systems and intelligent autopilots that most foreigners fly long-haul flights, it’s no surprise that airplanes are packing some deadly computing power under the hood. So, it turns out that a typical passenger jet has some powerful computers, probably broken into pieces under the console or in various hidden bogies. What many of us didn’t expect was a full-fledged server room right under the cockpit, but – according to one YouTube pilot – that’s exactly what was needed.

Popular YouTuber and passenger jet pilot posted in a video, one of the most modern aircraft among users today, showing the whole house of server racks in the Airbus A350. Unsurprisingly, the so-called avionics division looks like it could dig up some deadly cryptocurrency or strengthen an AI platform but instead keep the whole system away from the 319-ton A350 soil. Check out the intricate bogie below to fully appreciate the keys needed for modern passenger jets.

The original Blade Runner film took place in the imagined 2019 Los Angeles, a future city where acid rain descended from a crowd of “skimmers” in the sky: flying cars zipped on the airways.

Since the film’s 1982 debut, technology has advanced in a way that Hollywood could never have predicted – selfie sticks, murder drones, hashtag politics – yet hovercraft taxis still seem a distant fantasy, reserved for science-fiction novels and theme park rides. . In fact, flying cars are real – and they can shape how we travel, work and live in the coming decades. Advances in battery power concentration, materials science and computer simulation have encouraged the development of a range of personal flying vehicles (and navigation systems that will allow them to operate), from electric gliders to fixed-wing crafts and quadcopter drones.

These planes may not look like Blade Runner’s imagination. But they are not so far away. Much smaller than commercial aircraft, most are designed with rotors instead of wings, allowing for vertical takeoff and landing.