Why some Projects Fail to Produce Satisfactory Answer?

Why some Projects Fail to Produce Satisfactory Answer?

Fundamental reasons: why some projects fail to produce a satisfactory answer:

A project is a planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations. Project Termination is a situation when a given project is supposed to be closed or finalized because there’s no more need or sense for further continuation.

In the face of this diversity of success factors, it is interesting to note that there are relatively few fundamental reasons why some projects fail to produce satisfactory answers.

A Project Organization is Not required: The use of the project form of organization was inappropriate for this particular environment. The parent organization must understand the conditions that require instituting a project.

Insufficient Support from Senior Management: Project invariably develops needs for resources that were not originally allocated. Arguments between functional departments over the command of such resources are very common.

Naming the Wrong Person as Project Manager: This book is a testimony to the importance of the PM. A common mistake is to appoint as PM an individual with excellent technical skills but weak managerial or training.

Poor planning: This is the very common cause of project failure. In the rush to get the substance of the project underway, competent planning is neglected. In such case, crises management becomes a way of life, difficulties and errors are compounded, and the project slowly gets farther behind schedule and over budget.