Score the Best Video Conferencing Background Removal App for Under $20

Score the Best Video Conferencing Background Removal App for Under $20

These days, the world appears to be very different. To say the least, the last year and a half have been extraordinary. Who did not enjoy making a video chat to a loved one or special someone before the pandemic? It used to be a delightful little activity, but today it is a touch too close for comfort to invite business associates into our homes. Aunt Alice could care less about your curtains or the clutter in the backdrop, but your boss… They simply will not be as disinterested as you are.

Yes, that is why you have been utilizing one of those-stock background replacement screens, but you may have noticed the distracting and unprofessional edges surrounding your silhouette. Technology is finally catching up with demand, which is a wonderful thing. There is a new way to have board meetings in the comfort of your own home: a background replacement screen that may even fool you into thinking you are in another location.

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Score the Best Video Conferencing Background Removal App for Under $20

Without the use of a bothersome green screen, XSplit VCam Premium will effortlessly erase, replace, and blur your background during live streaming, video conferences, and online meetings. The software comes with cutting-edge technology that works with any webcam. Open your video conferencing app, select Split VCam as your primary camera source, and then select a professional background setup that best suits your needs.

Is it possible to use it with streaming apps? It certainly is. XSplit VCam is compatible with OBS, Steamlabs, and XSplit, and is great for podcasts, vlogs, talk shows, and other video projects on your schedule. It is compatible with all major video chat and conferencing software, making it ideal for remote work, virtual interviews, meetings, and training. You have greater flexibility and options with XSplit VCam, which even allows you to utilize your mobile device as a webcam!

This lifetime subscription to XSplit VCam Premium is on sale for $29, but during this VIP Sale, you can save an additional 40% off the sale price. Simply enter the VIP40 promo code at checkout to save $17.40 on this must-have background removal app.