Significance of Fertilization

As a result of fertilization, the ovary of a flower develops into a fruit and ovules to seeds. Seeds maintain and increase the generation by reproduction. If there were no seed probably the plant would have perished. This may be said in other words as, if there was no fertilization the plants would have perished. Again animal world especially human being live on fruits and seeds of plants. If there were no fertilization seeds and fruits would not have grown. No animal life could exist without the food produced by plants. So the significance of ferti-lization is unlimited.

After fertilization, the ovary is developed to fruit and the ovule developed to seed. Changes in ovary and ovule after fertilization is shown in the following table:


Stages of Fertilization: From the above discussion it is understood that there are three stages in the process of fertilization, namely –

  1. Development of male gametes,
  2. Development of female gametes and
  3. Union of male and female gametes.