You’re not Properly Erasing Your Search History; here’s how to Permanently Clear It

You’re not Properly Erasing Your Search History; here’s how to Permanently Clear It

Hey, we’re not here to pass judgment. We’ve all done some strange online research. And for good reason, we at the Daily Star have a strict “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy when it comes to the search histories of our users.

However, Google doesn’t—in fact, unless you make a crucial setting change, the tech giant stores a significant amount of information about your YouTube and Google search history on your account even if you delete it from your web browser.

This implies that there is still a record of the time you searched for dubious lawnmower videos or requested directions on how to shave your own you-know-what from Google.

To keep you informed, we’ve put together this useful tutorial on how to correctly remove your search history from Google and YouTube. While a record of them will still exist somewhere in the world, taking these steps will definitely add an extra layer of privacy to your browsing.

You're not Properly Erasing Your Search History; here's how to Permanently Clear It
You’re not Properly Erasing Your Search History; here’s how to Permanently Clear It

How to delete your phone’s YouTube search history

You may remove your YouTube search history in a few different ways.

First, the app allows you to quickly delete specific search queries. Tap the History symbol next to any suggested search results when the YouTube app is open, then tap and hold the results. This (has a clock-like appearance). Then, on the ensuing pop-up, just tap “Remove.”

You may also modify your settings through the YouTube app if you want YouTube to completely cease saving your search history.

Tap your profile picture, then go to Settings > Manage all history. When you see an option called Saving YouTube history, you just need to toggle off ‘Include your searches on YouTube’.

How to delete the history of Google searches on Android

One of the most practical aspects of Android is the Google search app, which allows any Android user to immediately get search results by pressing the search bar on the Home Screen.

You may press and hold on to certain search results to remove them from your phone’s history, much like on YouTube.

However, in order to completely clear these, you must delete your Google account’s search history by following these instructions:

On your Android phone, launch the Google app, tap your profile picture, and choose Search History.

Tap Delete > Delete all times to remove all of your search history.

Simply select Delete > Delete custom range to remove searches from a selected time frame.

You may also configure your Search history to be deleted automatically. Return to the Search history menu and select Controls. Locate the ‘Web & App Activity card’ and turn on Auto-delete.

Your Google account’s search history results should now be gone.