The Characteristics of Phylum Rhodophyta

Characteristics of the phylum Rhodophyta:

i) They are mostly composed of liukarvotic or Prokaryotic cells.

ii) They are mainly marine but few are fresh water living.

iii) They may be unicellular or muiticellular.

iv) They are red in colour because red pigment called phycoerythoxin is more than other colour pigments in cells

v) They hate two layered cell Hall of which inner layer is made of cellulose and outer layer is made of pectin


vi) Their reserve food is Floridian starch

vii) Their somatic cells and reproductive cells have no flagella and they are static.

viii) They are mostly epiphytes i e they gross on other algae or lithophytes. Few of them are parasites.

ix) Alternation of generation is mostls found in them Example- Polysiphonia