Importance of Bacteria

Deadly diseases of the human being, like – Phthisis (Tuberculosis), Pneumonia, Typhoid, Cholera Diphtheria, Dysentery, Tetanus, H6Oping cough, Meningitis etc are caused by different Bacteria. Besides Bacteria is also responsible for various plant diseases.

Food putrification and food poisoning, water pollution and demannuring of soil etc. are also caused by Bacteria. Some antibiotics are prepared from Bacteria. Vaccines of Cholera, Typhoid, and Phthisis etc are also prepared from Bacteria.

Besides Bacteria also perform the important works like; decomposition of rubbish, blending of tea, coffee, tobacco, ‘preparation of butter, curd, cheese from milk, extractivn of Jute fibre, extraction of hairs from skin in tannery, preparation of some B-Vitamins, proper management of sewerage lines, and nitrogen fixation etc.