Normal Vegetative Reproduction

If we sow a potato or sweet potato, a root of Kakrol or a branch of Madar it will naturally gives rise to grow a new plant. But if we plant a branch of Mango tree it will not give rise to grow a new planty rather it dies. When any part or organs of a plant naturally give rise to to grow new plant is called natural vegetative reproduction. Natural vegetative reproduction may occur by following means:


By Roots: Plants like sweet potato (a modified root), Dahlia, Kalcrol, and Patol etc. reproduce by roots.

By Stem: Plants like Zinger, Turmeric, Shaft, potato, Olkachu, Onion (these are modified stems) etc. reproduce by stems. Banana, Pudina, Pineapple, Chrysanthemum etc. reproduce by sucker (a modified stem). Shajina, Madar, Chhatim, and Jiga etc. give rise to grow new plants by planting their branches. New plant also originates from young Bamboo shoots.

By leaf: Reproduction of Pathharkuchi (Biyophyllum) takes place by its leaf. When a leaf is left on the earth new buds originates from every notch of its margin and gives rise to a new plant.