SpaceX is not sure if this object came from one of its rockets

SpaceX is not sure if this object came from one of its rockets

Authorities in Oregon have discovered an object believe could be wrecked by a SpaceX rocket – but the aeronautics agency is not very sure. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that, according to Oregonians, how they thought they had wrecked by a Falcon 9 rocket. When contacted by the object, SpaceX reported that looking at the photos; they were not able to verify it was a part of the rocket. You can see for yourself below and if you think, it came from a rocket:

Officials suspect the thing came from a SpaceX failed launch on March 4 after a Falcon 9 rocket failed to make its second stage. The booster then became inaccessible and flashed spectacularly over the Pacific Northwest sky through the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, it is no surprise that the piece is part of a SpaceX rocket. The agency said the thing could be a “joint overwrapped pressure vessel” according to Oregon. They further informed the local authorities that it should be safe to transport it for further analysis.

This is not the first time that any debris from a SpaceX launch has reached the hands of ordinary citizens. A visitor was able to claim rusty pieces after the company’s starship rocket SN11 exploded in Boca Chia, Texas. Elon Musk, if you are reading this, please confirms it yourself the next time the rocket ignites. Engineers are testing a coastal wash object in Lincoln County to see if it could wreckage from a SpaceX rocket. 

SpaceX is not sure if this object came from one of its rockets

On Friday afternoon, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to Alsea Bay near Waldport that if anyone thought it might be from a wreck found the wreckage cut.

An angler removed the wreckage and stored it inside a local business, and the sheriff’s office contacted several other authorities, including the Oregon Environmental Standards Department and the Central Oregon Coastal Fire and Rescue Department, to determine if the object contained any hazardous materials. Authorities contacted SpaceX, which was unable to say immediately after seeing the photo whether the object came from any of their spacecraft. However, the company said that the item looked like it could be a “composite overwrapped pressure vessel”, which is often used in spacecraft. The agency determined that it could safely transfer for further investigation.