Steps of Program Development Process

Steps of Program Development Process

Steps of Program Development Process

A program development process consists of various steps that are followed to develop a computer program. To maintain the efficiency of the programs used by various institutes or organizations, they should be developed regularly. Only then programs will run most efficiently. Normally IT firms use a circular method to develop software solutions. The method or process is as follows;

(i) Problem Analysis: At the first stage, IT firms analyze the problem with the program. They use various problem detection methods to find out the real problem of the program. After detection, they take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

(ii) Problem Explanation: In this stage, programmers work to explain the problem of the program in a rational way. They analyze the problem analysis report to find the best way to solve the problem of the program.

(iii) Planning and Designing: After explaining the problem, programmers make plans to solve the problem and design the development process. They use flowcharts, algorithms, pseudo code etc to design the model of the program.

(iv) Coding: In this stage, programmers start coding the new and developed program. They encode the program using various program languages to source code and compile the program to object code for the machine. C++, JAVA, LIPS, ORACLE, FORTRAN etc are various languages they use to code the program.

(v) Testing and Debugging: After the coding process, a programmer tests the programs to check if it runs defects efficiently and correctly. They also use the debugging process to find and resolve bugs or defects that prevent correct operation of a program.

(vi) Documenting and Saving: When all testing and debugging finishes, programmers documents and saves the program and prepare it for use for the users of that program.

(vii) Maintenance and Upgrading: Programs need regular maintenance to resolve various problems with the program and also need to upgrade increase its efficiency to process more instructions or operations. To upgrade a program, programmers start analyzing the problem and thus they continue the process circularly.