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Tea is a kind of drink. Tea is the most popular drink in the present world. All people high or low, young or grown-up, rich or poor are fond of tea. It removes our fatigue, refreshes our mind, and gives us energy. Tea has become a part and parcel of our daily food habits.

The preparation of tea is very easy. Water is boiled and tea leaves or their dust is put into it. Thus, the liquor is made. A little milk and sugar are mixed with it in appropriate proportions. Then tea becomes ready for drinking and is served in cups. Some people take tea without milk. This is called raw-tea. In some other countries, there are also different processes of preparing and taking tea.

The tea plant is grown in hilly places where there is much rainfall as well as sunshine. But, the rainwater must not stay at the root of the plant. Tea seeds are sown in a nursery in the rainy season. Then they are replanted in an especially prepared ground. The preparation of tea is very easy. Tea leaves are boiled in water. Sugar and milk are also mixed with it. Thus, we get a tasteful cup of tea. The necessity of tea beggars description.

The first tea-growing country is China. Tea also grows in Japan, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and many other parts of the world. Bangladesh is one of the largest tea-producing countries. She earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting tea. It has become a cash-crop in our country.

A tea-plant is an evergreen shrub. To grow tea-plants, at first, the seeds are sown in a nursery. Then the plants are transplanted in the mountain slopes. Tea-plants are planted in rows. They are trimmed down and allowed to grow not more than three or four feet high. As a result, they become bushy. When the new leaves and buds come out, they are plucked. They are plucked four times a year. Tea leaves are picked up for the first time in spring. It provides the finest tea.

After picking up, tea-leaves are dried in the sun. Then they are rolled over by a machine in the factory and the juice is pressed out. After that, they are left spreading on the floor until their color gets changed. They grow dry and black. Then they are molded and they become ready for use.

Tea removes our tiredness and helps us to awake. We cannot do a single day without it. Tea is a refreshing drink. It stimulates our energy and removes our exhaustion. So, we should sometimes take tea. As tea is a cash-crop of our country. It also contributes to our national economy. Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign currency by exporting tea. The Govt. should take a hand to grow more and quality tea. Therefore, we should take care of its increased production.