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Life of Soldiers

Life of Soldiers

Life of Soldiers

Soldiers are one of the greatest assets of any country. They are rightly referred to as the real heroes. They are the guardians of the nation and protect its citizens at all costs. Discipline, determination, robust physique, mental strength, good intentions and love for their countrymen – they possess all the qualities we look for in a hero. A country sleeps peacefully as the soldier performs its duties.

Soldiers have immense love for their nation. He has to sacrifice his family life, be away from his children, only to save the life of other children. It is this love that encourages them to join this profession and serve their nation. The training they undergo to become a soldier refines and strengthens them. Furthermore, a soldier safeguard’s honor of his country.

A soldier’s job is one of the toughest things to do in the world. Discipline is one of the most attractive qualities in a person. This is the first thing that the soldiers are taught in their training camps. They are supposed to fulfill challenging duties and possess exceptional qualities to become a great soldier. If a person does not possess discipline, he cannot take on the responsibility of protecting his country. Nonetheless, they always fulfill their duties despite the hardships.

They are taught to value time and make the best use of it. They require waking up in the wee hours of the morning and exercise. They need to follow a strict routine each day. Anyone who fails to do so is punished severely. All this is done to inculcate indiscipline in them.

Soldiers are extremely determined. The first and foremost duty of a soldier is to serve their country without any selfish motive. They are faced with numerous challenges but they overcome all these as they are determined to achieve their goals. Most importantly, a soldier’s duty is to maintain the peace and harmony of the country. One of the first challenges faced by anyone who chooses this profession is to stay away from their family. He takes on the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment for all. The next challenge is the test of their physical strength. They put in immense effort to build physical strength. They undergo rigorous training only because they are determined to serve their country.

Just like a hero, soldiers possess good physic and are mentally strong. His life is very hard and he obeys any order that may be given to him. They are known for their physical and mental strength that helps them take on big battles. These qualities add to their appeal.

The life of a solider is based on selflessness and sacrifice. Thus, soldiers possess all the qualities of a real hero. A soldier is the real friend of the nation. We must look up to them and inculcate these qualities to enhance our personality and take our life in the right direction. Every one of us should have proper respect for him as it is he who writes the destiny of the country with his blood.