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City Life

City Life

City Life

City life is quite fast and competitive. In city life, there are the most luxurious and comfortable amenities and the city of the people enjoys much by these facilities. People living in the cities get all the modern-day facilities that are required to lead a comfortable life. In a city, many of the people live with every comfort for their cultural, economic and commercial facilities. The city life is very fast. Everybody is pushing for a better life, better luck, and a better opportunity. However, they need to toil hard to earn a good living.

City life lures to the people for migrating from rural to urban life. People in cities are involved in various kinds of jobs. There are different kinds of businesses and jobs available for people with different educational qualifications and skills. They can receive education in schools, colleges, and universities of a high standard. The work opportunities in cities are far greater compared to villages. They can also visit libraries, parks, museums and so on to stimulate their minds.

City life is full of advantages and disadvantages. The people who live in cities enjoy some special facilities and comforts, unlike the village people. Advantages of City life – Travelling facility, Household facility, Drainage system, Cleanliness and sanitation, Medical facility, Education facility, Business Center, etc.

But city life has some drawbacks too. Disadvantages of city life – Population increases, Traffic issues, Pollution, Neglected sanitation, Garbage spreads, Mosquitoes spread by the dirty drain, etc. In the city area, people usually use vehicles run by fossil fuels which cause heavy smoke. That smoke causes air pollution.

The infrastructure of cities is good. Cities encompass good schools, colleges, and medical facilities. Their houses are modern, streets are well-lighted. People living in the cities give much importance to education and ensure their children seek higher education. They can go shopping and buy everything they need. In case of sickness, they can avail of the treatment of the best doctors.

However, people in the city are not as cordial as those living in the villages. Thus, people living in urban areas take the soup of chemicals. They don’t see the harmful gasses but they inhale it. People here are so busy with their own life that they do not matter much about those around them. The fast life, the foul and smoky weather, and dirty atmosphere cause health problem. This is the reason why many people living here enjoy a high stand of living but do not lead a satisfying life. Last but not least city life is more or less artificial and monotonous. The stress level of people in the cities is high. It has no touch with nature whatsoever.