The incredible Robodog can pull a 3 ton aircraft for more than 10 meters

The incredible Robodog can pull a 3 ton aircraft for more than 10 meters

The Italian Institute of Technology has achieved incredible fame in robotics. The research center is the latest in a series of hydraulic robots that have been evolving since 2007.  It has computers on two ships (one for viewing and the other for control) and a skin, glass fiber, and plastic. It also has rubber feet to increase traction on the ground. The latest version has full power autonomy, wireless communication as well as higher reliability and power efficiency. It’s a four-legged robot capable of pulling a 3,300-kilogram (7,275-pound) aircraft up to 10 meters (33 feet) at Genoa Airport.

HyQ robots are designed to be used in disaster response situations such as fires and earthquakes. The goal of the HyQ series is to create four-legged robots that can be deployed in areas where it is difficult to navigate. It can be employed in addition to growing and facilities inspection and agricultural work.

“An aircraft pull allows us to demonstrate the robot’s power, power-autonomy, and customized design. We wanted to achieve something we had never done before, and we had success last week, “said Claudio Semini, project leader at IIT’s Dynamic Legged Systems Lab.

The robot is the size of a desk and weighs 130 kilograms (286 pounds). The hat means it can pull anything up to 25 times its weight.

It was designed in collaboration with Moog Inc., their integrated smart actuators to help control and move the mechanics of HyQReal. By sealing these components almost completely, the robot is made both dust and water-resistant. The bucket should be able to withstand elements raining from rain to dust storms.

The HyQReal is equipped with a thick battery that lasts about two hours but has not yet been tested. Another feature that has not been tested is the ability to recover after a fall.  There is also the possibility of equipping the robot in one arm (equivalent to the quadrant of Boston Dynamics) in case of an emergency response. While the power of HyQReal is certainly impressive, it is far from a finished product.