The “Wearable Face Projector” Hong Kong Protesters Are Using Is Not Real

The “Wearable Face Projector” Hong Kong Protesters Are Using Is Not Real
Police have fired teargas at protesters and shot them with rubber bullets, Protesters threw bricks and fireballs in return. On Friday last week, Hong Kong authorities enacted an emergency law to ban protesters from wearing masks in an effort to reduce the unrest that has seen millions of people watch street protests over the past four months. Clashes between police and protesters have escalated and escalated after months of protests in Hong Kong following a proposal to allow the mainland to be handed over to China.

The ban is, so far, not working. The weekend saw widespread protests in response to the ban, by people worried about further infringements on their civil liberties. Many were, of course, wearing masks. In the midst of all this, people on social media, perhaps far from protesting, are sharing some pretty wild ideas about what’s going on there. One of the unfamiliar notions going around is that people often appear in violent protests when wearing wearable face projectors for not being recognized.

The concept device was created by Lu and his team for an anonymous project at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, HQ, around the theme “Dystopian Future”. It may be convenient for customers but personal thoughts and opinions should be kept private. This product protects you from this privacy violation. “In the future, when you walk down the street you can call the advertisement your name. Companies can find out your personal interests and set different retail strategies for you.

“The small beam creates a different look on your face, giving you a whole new look,” Lu wrote on his website. “The wearable device was a fantasy, about being anonymous in a future world where confrontation is a big thing.” The description of the video is actually updated by updating that Lu’s project has “nothing to do with political motives, with 12 stimulus signs to really hammer the point home. Even if people hold the device which is not very much in commercial production but by this it would be quite illegal for a protest, try to dodge the projected projectiles that you are basically flashing in your eyelashes. As cool/horrible as it may seem, in reality, no one is using this idea art, so please stop spreading this misinformation.