An anonymous company will pay dollars for the rights to your face

An anonymous company will pay dollars for the rights to your face
An anonymous non-governmental organization is proposing to pay £100,000(approximately $128,800) per person for the right to use the face of multiple robots. Do you have a “kind and friendly face” and like to hear the amount $128,000 in your account? Why not sell the right to use your face to an unknown company! The project has been in development for five years and is set to go into production next year, with the goal of “building a few thousand possible versions of robots worldwide”. The company wants to use the image to give the face of a humanoid robot that will serve as a “virtual friend” for older people. Because of this scholarship, they are especially interested in finding someone with a “kind and
friendly” face.

“The details of the project are rare due to a non-disclosure agreement we have signed with the designer and his investors,” Geomiq explained in a blog post. The announcement details are significantly thinner. To begin with, the name of the designer or company is not known. Genomic, a London-based engineering firm that assisted in the development of the project, said it was unclear exactly what you were agreeing on, although they would reveal more details to candidates to move on to the next phase of the project.

The agency said the name disclosure requirement was due to the “confidential” nature of the project, but believed the robot would soon be “readily available” to the public and hoped the campaign would generate additional buzz before its final release. Needless to say, people are a bit skeptical about the offer.

Although still in infancy, this technology was used to create fake optical faces that are unable to distinguish real people from real ones. Regardless of the subtle legalities of the format, many are confused as to why the project does not use Generalized Adversarial Network (GAN) technology to create fake human faces.

“Have these people ever heard of GANs? There is a dataset with 100k real (but not real) already available, “one person commented on Twitter”. I guess we can code a great generator for less than 100k.” “Why don’t they just make a face? It is so unnecessary to make a real claim to be connected to a living person,” added another. “Am I missing something?”