Petition Demands Jeff Bezos Buys and Eats the Mona Lisa

Petition Demands Jeff Bezos Buys and Eats the Mona Lisa

An online petition claims that billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will buy and eat Mona Lisa painters Leonardo da Vinci. The petition, posted on, states: “No one has eaten the Mona Lisa and we think Jeff Bezos should take a stand and make it happen.” Clearly, this message has resonated among the masses. Although it was launched with little enthusiasm a year ago, the petition has suddenly caught the eye in recent days and has more than 12,200 signatures as of Tuesday 22 June.

Arguably one of the most famous paintings in the world, 16th century masterpieces are hard to put a price tag on, even before we navigate the moral and legal mining field of emptying an “invaluable” work of art. No. When the painting was evaluated in 1962, evaluators estimated that it was worth $ 100 million. After accounting for the insane world of inflation and the fine art market, painting has now become much more valuable.

In other words, Da Vinci’s portrait of Christ Salvatore Mundi was sold to Saudi Crown Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan Al Saud in 2017 for ৪ 450.3 million, breaking the record for the most expensive industry to date. French entrepreneur Stefan Distinguin suggested that last year the Mona Lisa would sell for “less than 50 billion euros” (about $59 billion). Even if we take this higher assumption, which other experts believe is too alous to be wild, it would not be a problem for Bezos Wallet.

According to Forbes, Jeffrey Preston Bezos is worth about $200 billion. Theoretically, if he was able to get his hands on this money instantly, he would be able to easily afford the Mona Lisa (while he was there, he would also be able to use Salvator Mundi as a dinner table, wipe his face with a Jackson Pollock, and a diamond bed of Damien Hist. The human skull is used as a step.

He can then ride the food from his own James Webb Space Telescope while listening to Martin Schreckley’s infamous one-of-a-kind U-Tang Clan album. However, leaving the bank balance aside, there is reason for Bezos to think twice about eating the artwork. Renaissance-era paint manufacturers were not so keen on health and safety, and this could possibly result in chemical poisoning as a result of their product’s aperitif-shaped sting.