Trapped And Alone: There May Be An Unsettling Reason Why Aliens Have Never Made Contact

Trapped And Alone: There May Be An Unsettling Reason Why Aliens Have Never Made Contact

This is an old puzzle. Why didn’t we get any communication because of the incredibly high potential for life in the vast universe? Interpretations range from impossible (no aliens) to terrifying (the gamma-ray bursting of civilization does not allow complex life to communicate with other worlds.)

A new theory raises the possibility of why aliens on a planet can’t search for space, leave their galaxies alone: ​​they may be trapped on their home planet, unable to escape its atmosphere. To survive on our own planet, we would have to travel at a speed of about 11 kilometers per second (about 7 miles per second), or 40,270 kilometers per hour (25,000 miles per hour).

This is the speed of our escape. Therefore, we need a lot of fuel to get something to leave the planet, leaving a huge sized payload. Just look at a rocket launch to see how much fuel is involved. This new theory, available at Archive, suggests that aliens facing gravity stronger than us may not be able to leave their planet at all, as they will have to exert a lot of pressure to do so. This may be out of the realm of possibility.

Michael Hippke, a researcher with the Sonneberg Observatory, said the study found that as gravity increased, rocket launches became more expensive to fuel. When you look at super-Earth planets 10 times larger than our mass, studies indicate that chemical rockets will no longer be able to carry aliens into space, as they will require the equivalent amount of rocket fuel in Egypt to fill the mass of a huge pyramid. The hippie explained in his research paper, “The stonier the earth, the more likely it is that other ways will be needed to leave the planet like the nuclear trend.”

This will not only create problems for the aliens in leaving and exploring their planet, but it could also mean that they are not as technologically advanced as we are. “Spaceflight on a much larger planet will become faster and more expensive,” Hippie told “Such a civilization would not have satellite TV, moon missions or the Hubble Space Telescope.”

Without these capabilities, and without the help of global satellite communications or space telescopes, it would not be possible for aliens to reach a stage where they could possibly communicate with other worlds. While this new theory does not deny that aliens communicate, they could be smaller planets like ours, for example, it suggests that aliens living on a larger planet would be incredibly difficult to communicate with. They were trapped alone on their planet without any way to tell anyone.